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   The Last Items to Pick from from Mom’s Esterhazy Home

    This past week we were talking with Linda and Richard and realized that we are running up against the clock for clearing up Mom’s items from Sumner Place.

We need to have the items out by the 24th of the Month and With Dale and Fran in Hawaii until the 10th, Allan and Val in Saskatoon until the 12th or 13th and Carolyn and myself heading to Calgary on the13th to the 17th we decided we better start to do something.

We went in the other day and took pictures of some 50 plus items we thought the family members might be interested in and placed numbers on them. (This is not quite a complete list as I write this info. a few more to come).

We thought that everyone could take a look at the pictures and we could set up so that everyone who wanted to could take part in “picking turns” to choose something they might like. (This way it would be fair for everyone). Our thoughts were we could Set up a Skype evening from Mom’s place on the 18th or 19th and everyone who wanted to could be part of this.

For all of you who do not live around here, if you choose some items. We discussed the fact the we would be able to store most anything other than the large items.

There will be other smaller items left and some household items that we would place in 8 groupings and we would place a Letter on each group (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H) and each sibling can pull a letter out of a hat to see which bundle of Goodies they win.

Obviously if people want to “horse trade” go right ahead. If anyone would like an item or items in anyone elses bundle feel free to contact them. Perhaps they do not want it anyway.

This is the idea we came up with but if anyone has another idea we do not  have to use this one; we just thought we better start the process before we run out of time.

Also on another note. If anyone of you have any items pictured here that are yours and you want to take back let me know and I will take them off of the site. We did not know if everyone of these items were Mom’s or if some were just lent to her. (Let me Know).


1) 50″ TV
2) Blue Reclining Chair
3) Side Stand
4) Couch
5) Water Cooler
6) Kitchen table and 6 chairs
7) Black Fan on stand
8) 3 Pictures above couch
9) Bath Room Equipment
10) Mom’s Evergreen Paintings
11) Wheat Field Painting
12) Amish Painting and Cry Baby
13) J.Jensen Painting
14) Welcome Message and Wave picture
15) Silk painting of two birds
16) 7Drawer Cabinet
17) 5 Drawer Cabinet
18) 6 Drawer pine Cabinet                                       19) 39″ serta Bed

20) 39″ Signature Series bed
21) Antique Bed Stand
22) Antique Bed Stand
23) Storage unit above toilet
24) Deep Freeze
25) Silverware Set
26) Silverware Set
27) Dyson Vac.
28) Bunn Coffee Maker and Panasonic oven
29) Oil Filled Electric Frying pan
30) Bulva Clock and Wall Stand
31) Robo Vac.
32) Dolls
33) Dolls
34) Dolls
35) Book Case and Books
36) Jewelry
37)Jewelry                                  38) Jewelry                                39) Jewelry


 40) Ornaments
41) Ornaments
42) Ornaments
43) Microwave oven
44) Lamp
45) Green Dishes
46) Pink Dishes
47) Silverware Set
48) Dish Dinner set of 8
49) Gold Broach
50) David 81 Picture
51) Wear Ever Pots
52) Knives
53) Knives
54) Box of Spices
55) Sewing Basket and Pin Stand
56) Norwex Mop and extras
57) Tool box and tools
58) Clothes Hamper, Step Stool and Shelves                59) Jewelry                              60) Glass Canisters             61) Groceries

62)   Groceries

63)   Boot Rack Cloth Rack and Cassette Radio

64)   Mirror in Bedroom

65) Mirror in Bathroom

66) Mirror in Entrance

67) TV Stand

68) Cassette Tapes, Cd’s Etc.

A) Bundle or Goodies

B) Bundle of Goodies

C) Bundle of Goodies

D) Bundle of Goodies

E)  Bundle of Goodies

F)  Bundle of Goodies

G)  Bundle of Goodies

H)   Bundle of Goodies